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   3M™ MonitorMark™ Time Temperature Indicators

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3M™ MonitorMark™ Time Temperature Indicators
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3M™ MonitorMark™ Time/Temperature Indicators monitor product temperature exposure through the entire supply chain. They provide a non-reversible record of temperature exposure that is accurate and easy to interpret.

3M™ MonitorMark™ Time/Temperature Indicators are available in a variety of time and temperature ranges, and may be used to monitor the cold chain for perishable food products, vaccines, blood and many other applications.

Product Construction
· Rectangular, flat laminate with layers of paper, film, adhesive and other components
· Blue compound run-out to estimate how long your product was above the threshold temperature
· Removable film activation strip
· Pressure-sensitive adhesive allows attachment to almost all clean, dry surfaces

· Monitoring temperature exposure of temperature-sensitive products during transportation and storage (for example, frozen or refrigerated foods, drugs, vaccines, medical diagnostic kits, blood, blood products, and intraocular lenses)
· Typically placed inside insulated shipping boxes near the temperature sensitive product
· The indicators monitor temperature exposure, not product quality. Their purpose is to signal when product quality should be checked due to temperature exposure.

Catalog #ProductDescriptionMSDS
9860A  3M™ MonitorMark™ Time Temperature Indicator 9860A Threshold temperature -15°C/5°F. Recording time 48 hours. Conditioning temperature -25°C/-13°F. 500/case PDF  
9860B  3M™ MonitorMark™ Time Temperature Indicator 9860B Threshold temperature 5°C/41°F. Recording time 48 hours. Conditioning temperature -4°C/25°F. 500/case PDF  
9860C  3M™ MonitorMark™ Time Temperature Indicator 9860C Threshold temperature 10°C/50°F. Recording time 48 hours. Conditioning temperature 5°C/41°F. 500/case PDF  
9860D  3M™ MonitorMark™ Time Temperature Indicator 9860D Threshold temperature 10°C/50°F. Recording time 1 week. Conditioning temperature 5°C/41°F. 500/case PDF  
9860E  3M™ MonitorMark™ Time Temperature Indicator 9860E Threshold temperature 26°C/79°F. Recording time 48 hours. Conditioning temperature 21°C/70°F. 500/case PDF  
9860H  3M™ MonitorMark™ Time Temperature Indicator 9860H Threshold temperature 31°C/88°F. Recording time 1 week. Conditioning temperature 26°C/79°F. 500/case PDF  
9861A  3M™ MonitorMark™ Time Temperature Indicator 9861A Threshold temperature 10°C/50°F. Recording time 2 weeks. End Dot 34°C/93°F color develops <1 hour. Conditioning temperature 5°C/41°F. 500/case PDF  

  • Inexpensive solution to monitoring exposure to elevated temperatures
  • Self-adhesive backing for attachment to exterior packaging
  • Easily-interpreted visual results
  • Results indicate both that exposure occurred and a relative indication of the length/extent of thermal abuse

  • Regulatory Material