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3M Touch Systems

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3M Touch Systems


3M is well known for its manufacturing expertise and 3M Touch Systems applies that expertise to producing world-class touch products.

The 3M™ MicroTouch™ Sensor SCT3250 product line is produced by a flexible, high volume, vertically-integrated manufacturing process:

  • Large glass sheets are converted at the 3M glass processing facility into individual glass panels to meet customer size and quantity requirements. This is a key component for 3M's manufacturing flexibility, production volume scalability and reduced lead times.
  • Glass panels are printed with 3M's proprietary pattern which supplies current to the four corners of the sensor to generate the uniform, capacitive field for touch accuracy.
  • Proprietary hard coat is applied for industry-leading surface protection and embedded anti-glare characteristics.
  • Scratch-resistant top coat is applied over hard coat to improve surface scratch resistance (achieves 7 Mohs rating) and to create low surface energy which improves dragging/drawing capabilities.
  • Flex tail is conductively bonded to the glass sensor without solder points for optimal bezel seal-ability and to minimize electrical connection damage during integration.
  • Flex tail is reinforced to the glass sensor at three points for optimal integration reliability.
  • All touch sensors are inspected and tested for aesthetics and accuracy.
  • Completed SCT3250 sensor is linearized with mated EX II controller and carefully packaged for shipment to customer.

Product implementations:

The 3M MicroTouch DST touch sensor is produced differently from the ClearTek II product line:

  • Chemically-strengthened glass is used for this large-format touch sensor
  • An electrical pattern is printed on the underside of the glass that connects the four corners of the sensor.
  • Piezos and components are applied to the electrical pattern in each corner of the sensor. Since the electrical pattern and piezos are on the underside of the glass, they're protected from damage during integration and make the sensor highly sealable.
  • Flex tail is conductively bonded to electrical pattern.
  • Completed DST touch sensor and DST controller are configured and carefully packaged for shipment to customer.

Product implementations:

3M is known worldwide as a volume product manufacturer and this applies to manufacturing touch systems as well. Customers who require tens of thousands of touch screens delivered to forecasted dates rely on 3M Touch Systems to keep their product lines rolling to meet their customer's needs. Due to its in-house glass processing facility and continuous-flow production line, 3M Touch Systems is able to scale up from prototypes to volume quantities effortlessly.

Product implementations:

A high-percentage of touch monitors in the marketplace are merely touch-enabled desktop monitors and not up to the rigors of the high-use touch applications, such as point-of-sale or foodservice installation. 3M Touch Systems family of touch monitors have been "designed to be touched", starting from the base, to the hinge, to the locking mechanism that keeps these monitors steady, sturdy and stable to touch.

Product implementations: