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3M™ MicroTouch™ System SCT7650EX

Rugged Solution for Impact Strength and User Safety

MicroTouch™ System SCT7650EX

The 3M MicroTouch System SCT7650EX is a surface capacitive touch system and is an ideal solution for rugged self-service kiosks and ATM applications – environments where impact strength, shatter resistance, superior surface wear, and viewer privacy are a requirement.

As 3M's most rugged touch product, its construction combines a 3M surface capacitive touch sensor with 4mm backer glass with optically-clear lamination. This glass-on-glass laminated construction makes it an ideal touch solution for unsupervised, vandal-prone environments.

MicroTouch™ System SCT7650EX
  • Meets UL 60950 safety standards (impact breakage)
  • IP66 / NEMA 4 sealable against liquids and other contaminants
  • 8mm thickness
  • Wide range of operating (-40°C to +70°C) and storage (-50ºC to + 80ºC) temperatures

Optics and Viewer Privacy:

Available Sizes:

  • Standard sizes: 10.4", 12.1", 15", 17" and 19"
  • View-privacy standard sizes: 10.4", 12.1", 15", and 17"
  • Custom sizes for wide-aspect ratios and up to 32"


  • Input Method: Finger input
  • Accuracy*: Reported touch coordinates are within 1.0% of true position (based on viewing area dimensions) when linearized and used with a MicroTouch™ EX II Series touch controller
  • Touch System Resolution: Touch screen resolution defaults to settings in the electronics and software, generally 1024 x 1024, but capable of 16K x16K when used with EX II.
  • Linearization: Factory-linearized values are stored in the attached controller.
  • Impact Resistance: Passes the UL-60950-1


  • Light Transmission**: 86.5 % (±1.5%) light transmission (tested on the BYK Gardner Haze Gard Plus)
  • Surface Finish: ClearTek™ II hard coat with optimal anti-glare properties. Scratch resistant top coat provides smooth, easy glide, easy to clean touch surface


  • Minimum Contact Requirement: 5.4 ms for finger input with an EX II Series controller
  • Glass Thickness: 7.57mm (±0.58mm), with 3M Vikuiti™ Light Control Film (privacy): 8.51mm (±0.58mm)
  • Display Size Supported: Standard products ranging from 10.4" to 19" diagonal (Light Control Film: 10.4" to 17" diagonal). Custom products available ranging from 6.5" to 32".
  • Surface Scratch Hardness: A Mohs pick with a hardness rating of 7 or higher is required to induce a scratch which will cause a functional failure. Exceeds severe abrasion test per MIL-STD-675C
  • Sealing Rating: Can be sealed to meet the IP 66 or NEMA 4 standard for resistance to infiltration of fluids into the enclosure.
  • Gasketing: Complete water-resistant seal obtainable with a polyethylene gasket. Please consult the ToughTouch II Integration Guide for further details.
  • Mounting: Please consult ToughTouch II Integration Guide for specific mounting instructions.
  • Cleaning: Water, isopropyl alcohol, or similar non-abrasive cleaners.


  • Surface Obstructions: The touch screen continues to operate with surface contaminants such as, dirt, dust and grease.
  • Chemical Resistance: ClearTek™ II is highly resistant to corrosives, in accordance with ASTM-D-1308-07 (1993) and ASTM - F- 1598-95.
  • Liquid Resistance: Liquids on screen do not impede touch screen performance.
  • Operating Temperature*: -40° C to 70° C for the touch screen.
  • Storage Temperature: Always store the touch screen in its original shipping container between -50° C and 85° C (up to 90% RH from 0° C to + 35° C). Never store the touch screen in an environment where condensation may form.
  • Humidity: Up to 90% RH from 0° C to +35° C, non-condensing.
  • RoHS Compliance: ToughTouch II is compliant with the European Union 2002/95/EC Directive on Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS).
  • Warranty: 5 years

* Achievement of the listed specifications has been demonstrated in monitor integrations where the touch screen is mounted to monitor frame such that the spacing between the touch screen and monitor screen does not vary due to compression on expansion from touch forces or temperature changes.

** Test uses BYK Gardner Haze Gard Plus.

MT7 Gestures

MT7 Gestures allow customers to use prebuilt software libraries to add intuitive gesture recognition to their touch applications. This application program interface (API) incorporates "single finger gesture recognition", as well as a programmable "radial menu" feature that allow developers to enhance their user interface with intuitive touch features. These four libraries are included in the MT7 Gestures API:

  • MT7 Trace collects user touch actions into traces, each representing a single touch down, drag, and lift off sequence.
  • MT7 Stroke takes a trace and matches it against an applicationdefined collection of reference strokes. Based on the match, the application determines what action is intended.
  • MT7 Radial presents a radial menu (a.k.a. pie menu) for the user to select an option that the application responds to.
  • MT7 Box Tool takes one or two traces and monitors their position, returning any change in distance or angle between a trace and a reference point or another trace.

Click here for information on the 3M MicroTouch Software MT7 features, drivers and control panel.