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3M™ MicroTouch™ System SCT3250SX

Pen and Finger Dual Touch Mode Options for 3M™ Surface Capacitive Technology

MicroTouch™ System SCT3250SX

The 3M MicroTouch System SCT3250SX extends the input flexibility of 3M Surface Capacitive Technology by supporting both finger touch and pen input. The tethered pen stylus offers handwriting recognition, signature capture, and on-screen annotation capabilities. It is an excellent solution for applications with dense menus or with detailed images too small to touch with a finger.

The SCT3250SX system can be set up in dual mode (pen or finger touch input) or pen-only mode. In dual mode, the touch screen accepts touch from both the pen or from a user’s finger, which is critical for most point-of-sale signature capture applications. In pen mode, only pen input is accepted and all other input, including a hand resting on the screen called "palm rejection", is ignored.

  • Pen Construction - Plastic, lightly textured surface. Black
  • Pen Dimensions - 6" (152.4mm) length, 0.42" (10.67mm) diameter
  • Pen Cabling - 3.5' (1.07 meters) tether, strain relief to 17 lbs. (7.71 kg)
  • Pen Tip - Non-metallic, non-marking , black, 0.12" (3.05mm) diameter, 0.08" (2.03mm) protrusion from barrel.
  • Pen Connector - 8-pin Rj 45 phone jack
  • Resolution* - 16k x 16k

* The maximum number of addressable coordinates generated by the controller.

  • System Components: Any standard ClearTek II touch screen combined with an add-on kit containing a tethered-pen controller, pen stylus, and cable kit
  • Mean Time Between Failure: Controller: >600,000 hours MTBF. Pen: 4 million hours MTBF
  • Operating Temperature Range: -15° C to +70° C
  • Operating Humidity Range: <36° C @ 0-90% RH, non-condensing
  • Storage Temperature Range: -30° C to +70° C
  • Storage Humidity Range: <36° C @ 0-90% RH, non-condensing
  • Power Requirements: 12Vdc (sourced from the controller through the J1 connector)
  • Minimum Touch Duration: <14 milliseconds
  • Touch Resolution*: 2048 x 2048
  • Electro Static Discharge: 22Kv Air, 8 Kv Contact (ESD Susceptibility)
  • Host Cable: 96" (2.4m) long
  • Regulatory Compliance: UL/cUL, FCC-B, CE, VCCI, AS/NZS 3548. 3M MicroTouch System SCT3250SX is compliant with the European Union 2002/95/EC Directive on Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)

SCT3250SX Controller (EXII-3710SP)

  • Sensor Connection: 6-pin Molex connector
  • Communications Protocol: Serial RS 232
  • Controller Dimensions: 4.80" x 1.35" (121.9 mm x 34.3 mm)
  • System Warranty: 5 years

Pen Stylus (69-502)

  • Pen Material: ABS plastic, lightly textured surface, offered in black
  • Pen Dimensions: 6" (152.4mm) length without stain relief, 0.42" (10.67mm) diameter
  • Pen Cabling: 3.5' (1.07 meters) tether, strain relief to 20 lbs. (7.71 kg) pull force
  • Pen Tip (Conductive): Replaceable pen tips (order part number 2604634)
  • Pen Connector: 8-pin Rj 45 phone jack
  • Resolution: 2048 x 2048 or greater touch point per axis within the calibrated area

System SCT3250SX Cable Kit for ClearTek II (69-901)

Inclusive Part Numbers:

  • 69-502, Stylus
  • 7311273, Serial RS-232 cable, 96" (2.4m)
  • 7311420, Cable, SCT3250SX controller to RJ45
  • 7319522-03, ClearTek II adapter cable

* The maximum number of addressable coordinates generated by the controller.
NOTE: Pen stylus, and controller cables available separately

MT7 Gestures

MT7 Gestures allow customers to use prebuilt software libraries to add intuitive gesture recognition to their touch applications. This application program interface (API) incorporates "single finger gesture recognition", as well as a programmable "radial menu" feature that allow developers to enhance their user interface with intuitive touch features. These four libraries are included in the MT7 Gestures API:

  • MT7 Trace collects user touch actions into traces, each representing a single touch down, drag, and lift off sequence.
  • MT7 Stroke takes a trace and matches it against an applicationdefined collection of reference strokes. Based on the match, the application determines what action is intended.
  • MT7 Radial presents a radial menu (a.k.a. pie menu) for the user to select an option that the application responds to.
  • MT7 Box Tool takes one or two traces and monitors their position, returning any change in distance or angle between a trace and a reference point or another trace.

Click here for information on the 3M MicroTouch Software MT7 features, drivers and control panel.

Complete 3M MicroTouch System SCT3250SX includes: 3M MicroTouch Controller SX, Cable Kit and 3M MicroTouch ClearTek II touch sensor.

Part Number Description
EXII-3710SP SX Serial Controller
69-901 System SCT3250SX Cable Kit
17-XXXX-XXX    3M Surface Capacitive Touch Sensors

Inclusive SCT3250SX System Cable Kit (69-901) part numbers:

Part Number Description
69-502 Stylus
7311273 Serial RS-232 cable, 96" (2.4m)
7311420 Cable, SX controller to RJ45
7319522-03 ClearTek II adapter cable