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Static Control, Anti Static

  • Verify


    Confirm that your S20.20 program and protective products are working by using 3M monitors, testers and instruments.

  • Protect


    Keep parts and finished product static safe inside and outside the EPA with 3M packaging products.

  • Build


    Create the ESD protected area (EPA) by using reliable 3M workstation products.

  • Measure


    Find the source and the amount of EOS and ESD in the factory using 3M instrumentation.

  • 3M Static Control

    3M Static Control

    Gain confidence that your products are protected, and your customers' reputation is safe by building your S20.20 ESD Control Program with 3M static control products.

Anti Static Protection You Can Trust

3M provides static control packaging to protect electronic items from electrostatic, physical and environmental damage during manufacturing, transportation and storage. 3M packaging can help you build a compliant ANSI/ESD S20.20 static control program. S20.20 now refers to ANSI/ESD S541 to set the performance goals for anti static packaging.

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3M Workstation and Instrumentation Products Can Do More

3M™ Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Workstation Solutions provide a safe anti static environment for the handling and assembly of sensitive components. These products drain static charge from personnel, limit the buildup of static charges on non-conductive materials on the benchtop, and monitor the system to ensure that it is operating properly.

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3M™ Static Control Vinyl Floor Tile

3M™ 8400 Series Static Control Floor Tile is a long-term anti static solution in controlling ESD. This solid vinyl tile is durable and attractive and can easily be installed by competent flooring contractors. The flexible, resilient tiles are made with only 100% pure vinyl and contain a minimum amount of filler and none of the regrind that can make tile brittle.

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Static Control Catalog

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