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3M™ Environmental Safety Products include a wide variety of 3M™ Maintenance, Petroleum and Chemical Sorbents, accessories, spill kits and emergency response packs.

Environmental Safety Product Categories

Maintenance Sorbents
Maintenance sorbents are all-purpose sorbents. Ideal for plants and facilities, the sorbent cleans up non-aggressive fluids, including cutting oil, coolants, aqueous-based liquids and petroleum-based products.
Petroleum Sorbents
Petroleum sorbents are primarily used with hydro-carbon spills. These sorbents save time and money as only oil, and not water, is recovered. Petroleum sorbents can be uses outside as well as in-plant.
Chemical Sorbents
Chemical sorbents are useful for all spills, including aggressive chemical fluids. These sorbents resist reactions with chemicals such as acids or bases. Chemical sorbents are ideal for emergency response situations.