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3M has been creating innovative fire stop systems for more than 25 years. Our complete line of fire protection products can help stop the spread of fire, smoke and toxic fumes. They’re easy to install and are approved for a wide variety of fire stop applications by Underwriter’s Laboratories, Factory Mutual and Omega Point Laboratories.

In fact, we’re the only manufacturer that can provide fully tested systems to fire stop all of these scenarios:

  • through penetrations
  • perimeter joints
  • fire resistive joints
  • structural steel
  • emergency circuitry
  • grease/air ducts

Fire Stopping Products

Fire Barrier Cast-In Device
The 3M™ Fire Barrier Cast-In Devices are a line of firestopping devices that are installed to firestop combustible and non-combustible pipe and cable penetrations through concrete floor assemblies.
Fire Barrier Moldable Putty+
3M™ Fire Barrier Moldable Putty+ is a firestop putty used to prevent the spread of fire, smoke, toxic fumes and moisture for up to four hours.
Fire Barrier Pillows
Our pillows intumesces (expands) and locks itself into place, completely surrounding the penetrant(s) stopping smoke, fire and toxic gases from spreading to the next room or next floor for the rated time period. They are easy to install and great for retrofit project.
Fire Barrier Plastic Pipe Devices and Collars
The proven technology of this fire barrier product's intumescent action quickly seals off plastic pipes in a fire, and meets up to 3-hour fire and temperature ratings.
Fire Barrier Quick Pass Devices
3M™ Fire Barrier Quick Pass Devices are a complete solution for preventing the spread of fire and smoke where electrical, data, communications cable or pipes penetrates floor or wall. The devices are designed for the high traffic areas where cable are constantly being added and removed.
Fire Barrier Sealants
All 3M™ Fire Barrier Sealants have either intumescent, endothermic or ablative technologies that provide a tight and dependable seal against fire, smoke, toxic fumes and moisture.
Fire Barrier Sheets and Mats
3M™ Fire Barrier Sheets are intumescent sheets used to firestop large openings. They help seal penetrations against flame spread, smoke and toxic fumes.
Fire Barrier Silicone Sealants and Silicone Foam Sealants
A line of firestop sealants used to prevent the spread of fire, smoke, toxic fumes and moisture. Good for both joint and through-penetration applications. Fire ratings of up to 4 hours. Re-enterable/repairable.
Fire Barrier Wrap Strips and Restricting Collars
This patented intumescent wrap/strip firestops difficult through-penetrations such as plastic pipe, insulated pipe and cables. When exposed to heat, this flexible, rubber-like strip expands up to ten times its original volume, forming a very hard char.
Fire Protection Miscellaneous
The complete line of 3M™ Fire Protection Products helps prevent fire, smoke, toxic fumes and moisture from passing through penetrations in fire-rated walls and floors. These easy-to-install products are suitable for a wide variety of firestop applications, including plastic pipes, metal pipes, HVAC ductwork, cables, costruction gaps, grease ducts, wall tops and control joints.