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Dynamic Retail Displays

How windows work wonders.......

Are you making the most of your window displays to attract passers-by into your retail outlets?

Dynamic messaging using video, animation and moving images projected onto your high street or shopping mall unit window can be, or complement an advertising and promotional campaign: and what’s more the space is free.

Windows are your face to the world and enable you to communicate and command attention in the high street. You can attract and excite customers and draw them into your store enabling you to turn window shoppers into real shoppers right at the point of sale. Your windows are an asset that can now work much harder for you.

By installing Vikuiti Rear Projection Film you are able to transform any window or transparent surface into a highly visible screen that can transmit messages and information to your target audience. With 180 degree visibility, potential customers can see the message 10-15 metres from your store, even in bright daylight conditions. Custom shaped screens can be designed that match your product or logo for even more eye-catching brand awareness.

Dynamic messaging gives you the opportunity for novelty, excitement and originality with messages that can react speedily to challenging market conditions and even changing weather patterns, 24 hours a day. It is ideal for both complex and abstract products and services and you don't have to worry about compliance as the content can be controlled centrally from a remote location.

But does it work?

In 2007 3M commissioned a survey with POPAI (Point of Purchase Advertising International) to discover just how effective this type of promotional activity can be. 4 branches of Intersport and T-Mobile were each equipped with a Vikuiti rear projection system projecting dynamic content for the sport and mobile phone markets respectively.

On average over 10% of pedestrians looked at the display and at least 1% stopped to look at the content. With the numbers of passers-by totaling approximately 100000 per week per store this represents a significant amount of traffic.

Once inside the store 2.5% of shoppers had entered because they were persuaded by the content on the screen. More importantly for any brand owner over 30% of those interviewed were able to mention the Nike and Wilson brand in the Intersport store based on their recollection of the images on the screen. At T-Mobile over 23% were able to mention a specific mobile phone, the Samsung D900 that was being promoted on the dynamic window display.

There was also a strong opinion, over 85% of those interviewed, said that the screens enhanced the mood in the shop window and made the stores appear more innovative.

So it really does prove that windows can work wonders...

The technology behind Vikuiti™ Rear Projection

The Vikuiti Rear Projection Screen combines the focusing power of an optical lens with a black light-absorbing layer to produce high contrast images even in brightly-lit environments.

Millions of microscopic glass spheres focus the projected light so it exits at just one small point. The black layer then absorbs the ambient light, producing a high contrast image.