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3M chemical sorbents are relatively inert and powerful enough to handle dilute acids, bases, coolants, solvents, oils and many other hazardous liquids - they are available in a wide range of formats and are lightweight and dust free. They have a high absorption capacity which minimises the amount of waste for disposal.

High Performance Chemical Pad C-PD914DD

Packaged in a convenient dispenser box, these pads are ideal for small spills and wiping down contaminated areas. Pads have a scrim liner for added strength.

Product Code Dimensions Capacity Packaging
C-PD914DD 23cm x 36cm 590ml / pad 25 pads / box

High Performance Chemical Roll C-RL15150DD

Can be easily cut to cover small areas or fit tight corners. May be used to cover bench tops in anticipation of a small spill while also acting as a work surface, it allow users to tear off desired amount.

Product Code Dimensions Capacity Packaging
C-RL15150DD 45m x 38cm 117L / roll 1 roll / case

Chemical Miniboom P200

Light weight and easy deploy, the booms are typically used to contain and encircle small spills.

Product Code Dimensions Capacity Packaging
P-200 1.2m x 7.5cm 3.8L / boom 12 booms / case

Chemical Pillow P300

Pillows are designed with a scrim that encases particulate sorbent material. Pillows are used in areas where more capacity is desired than can easily be achieved using a sorbent pad.

Product Code Dimensions Capacity Packaging
P-300 23cm x 38cm 2L / pillow 16 pillows / case

Chemical Folded Sorbent C-FL550DD

Able to be used as a boom, sheet, pad, or pillow, allows one product to be stocked for almost any fluid spill. Perforations every 40cm allow the required length to be used, so there is no waste. 3M folded sorbents are lightweight and offer superior value.

Product Code Dimensions Capacity Packaging
C-FL550DD 45cm x 15m 40L / box 3 boxes / case

Training is an important part of any safety or hearing conservation program. We provide support to our customers to ensure all your workers are properly trained.

With the right PPE, it is also critical that workers know how to wear PPE correctly for protection.

3M Support includes:

  • Fit Testing
    According to the SS 548 : 2009, fit testing is required at least once annually and can only be conducted by the manufacturer or manufacturer-accredited representatives.
  • Hearing Conservation
    According to SS 549 : 2009, all workplace with noise hazards should implement a hearing conservation program to prevent noise-induced hearing. Records of noise monitoring, hearing protectors issued, training, inspections and maintenance has to be kept and maintained.
  • Spill Management Training
Please contact us at 6450 8888  to find out more.