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Particulate respirators which are designed for use in a Healthcare setting. Approved to NIOSH N95, they meet the CDC guideline for M.tb exposure and help reduce exposure to airborne particles.

Suggested Applications

  • TB Exposure Control
  • Bacillus anthracis
  • Laser and Electrocautery Surgery (OR), Isolation
  • Emergency Medical Services

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1870 1870
A breakthrough in comfort and convenience. This three-panel respirator with innovative design has fluid-resistant properties and is an all-in-one N95 respirator and Surgical Mask.

There are no plans to discontinue this product until 2017 (in Singapore)
1860 1860
Is an all-in-one fluid-resistant N95 respirator and Surgical Mask. It features an adjustable noseclip to help provide a custom fit and secure seal.

Individually packaged

1860s 1860S
Is designed for people with smaller faces. As an all-in-one fluid-resistant N95 respirator and Surgical Mask, it helps provide healthcare workers the reliable protection they need.

Training is an important part of any safety or hearing conservation program. We provide support to our customers to ensure all your workers are properly trained.

With the right PPE, it is also critical that workers know how to wear PPE correctly for protection.

3M Support includes:

  • Fit Testing
    According to the SS 548 : 2009, fit testing is required at least once annually and can only be conducted by the manufacturer or manufacturer-accredited representatives.
  • Hearing Conservation
    According to SS 549 : 2009, all workplace with noise hazards should implement a hearing conservation program to prevent noise-induced hearing. Records of noise monitoring, hearing protectors issued, training, inspections and maintenance has to be kept and maintained.
  • Spill Management Training
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