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Keep the underbody and other parts of your car free from rust and corrosion with the 3M™ Anti-corrosion Treatments. 3M offers you a long term solution for issues related to corrosion and rust.

It shields the car from the effects of water and time on the underbody of your vehicle. It minimizes sound underneath the vehicle, insulates against the heat & cold and prevents chipping due to stones.

  • Long term rust-proofing of the underbodies of vehicles
  • Towards a noiseless and a smoother driving experience for you
  • Keeps the coated area of the vehicle from chipping on friction with stones or sharp object on the road
  • Treatment
    Step 1
    Under body of the car washed and degreased.
    Step 2
    3M Coat applied with body shutz gun.

It coats the internal door panels, frame rails, inner rocker panels and physically inaccessible cavities offering them long-term protection against rust.

  • Protective coating for internal body panels, frame rails and other inner cavities inaccessible yet prone to corrosion
  • Insulates the interior of the vehicle from extreme temperatures from beneath the vehicle

Q1. What are under-coatings?

  • Under-coatings are chemical compounds usually applied to the undercarriage of a motor vehicle, hence the name.
  • Under-coatings may also be applied to other areas such as the trunk, wheel wells
Trunk Undercarriage Wheel Wells

Q2. Singapore does not experience extreme weather conditions ie. floods, snow . Would my car still need Under-coating?

  • Our extremely humid climate and the high amount of moisture in the air causes rust and corrosion to occur quickly
  • Moreover, many people think that undercoating only protects against corrosion or rust, but that is only one function of undercoating. Under-coatings are used for the following:
    • Corrosion protection
    • Abrasion resistance
    • Sound deadening
    • Cover welds and minor repairs
Other than corrosion and rust proofing, your car will still benefit from the added advantages of undercoating!

Q3. What is corrosion protection?

  • Simply put, corrosion protection is protection against rust.
  • What actually corrodes metal is oxygen present in the air. Water and other corrosive chemicals such as salt, battery acid, etc., speed up the reaction between metal and oxygen.
  • The extra protective layer of undercoating prevents contact of metal with air, preventing corrosion.

Q4. My car has several layers of paint when it was applied in the factory; that should offer ample protection, shouldn't it?

  • Your car would have good protection against corrosion.
  • However, paint could not resist abrasion, and because of poor road conditions, unprotected paint would suffer from stone chips, scraping against humps or rocks, pitting from gravel, etc. Eventually, a lot of paint would peel or scrape off to expose bare metal to corrosion.

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