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Q: My lamp is spoilt but its warranty has expired. What help can I receive?

A: Please contact our service center to alert them of your problem. They will look into the matter and provide a solution based on your individual circumstances.

You can get in touch with them Here.

Q: My lamp is spoilt. Where can I go to repair it?

A: Please contact our service center for repairs. Do give them a call to inform them of your problem so that they can better advise you on the possible course of action to take.

You can get in touch with them Here.


Q: Where can I buy 3M™ Polarizing Light?

A: You can purchase 3M™ Polarizing Light from all major retailers, such as Best Denki, Home-Fix DIY Store, Popular Bookstore, Self-Fix.

Q: Where will I be able to see and test all models of 3M™ Polarizing Light?

A: Most retailers will carry display units of 3M™ Polarizing Light in their stores. However, for display of the full range of 3M™ Polarizing Light, visit Best Denki outlets or the bigger outlets of Home-Fix DIY Store and Popular Bookstore.

Q: I am looking for models QS1000 and QS2000. Where can I buy them?

A: QS1000 and QS2000 models have been discontinued since 2008. 3M no longer sells these models.


Q: Is there a promotion now, if I want to purchase a model of 3M™ Polarizing Light?

A: Please see Promotion page for details on current promotions.

You can view them Here.

Q: How do I redeem my free gift?

A: To qualify for the free gift, you must first have a receipt of your purchase of a 3M™ Polarizing Light with the date and place of purchase of your 3M™ Polarizing Light.

The redemption process for free gifts will vary with the retailer you purchase your lamp from. To find out more, call our customer service center.

You can get in touch with them Here.

Q: I have not received my free gift. What has happened and who can I check with?

A: Please call our service center and allow them to check on the status of your free gift redemption.

You can get in touch with them Here.


Q: Can the 3M™ Polarizing Light be battery operated?

A: No. Current models of 3M™ Polarizing Light cannot be battery operated.

Q: Are there floor lamp models?

A: Yes. The FL1000 model is a floor standing lamp. Please see FL1000 Product Page.

You can view it Here.

Q: What is the difference between 3M™ Polarizing Light and other brands of lamps?

A: All models of 3M™ Polarizing Light come with 3M patented Polarizing Light Filter, which other brands do not have. It does 3 things:
1.Blocks light that produces a lot of reflection from hurting eyes.
2.Provide even spread of light on reading material/work surfaces to make reading more comfortable.
3.Blocks UV rays from harming skin and eyes.

Q: Does 3M™ Polarizing Light save energy?

A: Yes. All models come with energy saving light bulbs.

Q: Are the light bulbs in 3M™ Polarizing Light special 3M™ light bulbs?

A: No, 3M does not produce or sell light bulbs. All light bulbs are generic ones with energy saving features.

Q: How many different table lamps does 3M™ Polarizing Light have to offer?

A: 3M currently has 3 types of table lamps in the market - models LED1000, LED1100, LED6000 LED2000 which are all LED models. FL1000 and BL5100 are non-LED models. They all come with the 3M™ Polarizing Light Filter technology. The main differences among the models are in the physical features such as base, Air-Guiding Technology (only LED6000), dual mood lighting availability (only LED2000). Do look out for new lamps from 3M in the pipeline.

Q: Where are the 3M™ Polarizing Lights made in?

A: Currently, all our lamps are assembled in Taiwan and Korea.

Q: Are 3M™ Polarizing Lights flicker free?

A: Yes, all models of 3M™ Polarizing Light are flicker free. They are operating at 50-60Hz per second, which is the optimal range for our eyes.

Q: Do 3M™ Polarizing Lights require any set up?

A: All our models 3M™ Polarizing Light do not require any setting up except for LED2000 and FL1000 which require only a simple screwing in of the screws to assemble together.

Q: My room lighting is bright enough & I don’t need a table lamp

A: This is not true as room lighting can be too glaring (i.e. harsh ceiling lighting) or too dim (indoor lighting averages at 200 ~ 500 lux). Tasks that require more detail such as reading, working on laptops, studying, will require higher illuminance levels of between 880 – 1200 Lux.

Table lamps that can be angled is good so that it can work complementary to the room ambient lighting to suit desk / table work area

The right level of illuminance and glare reduction properties of 3M™ Polarizing Light will help to reduce discomfort such as dizziness, tearing due to eye strain or glare.

Q: 3M™ Polarizing LED Task Lights are much more expensive than others. Why is that so?

A: 3M has Proprietary Polarizing Light Filters in all our lights that others do not have. Our lights block light that produces a lot of glare and reflection that hurts eyes. Because of our filter technology, our lights provide an even spread of light on reading material/work surfaces to make reading more comfortable. Our lights are also very energy efficient due to LED bulbs

Q: Does 3M sell clamp models?

A: No more, 3M has phased them out.