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Polarizing Technology

Protect Your Eyes from Glare

Traditional lighting causes glare thats results in eye fatique, headache and frequent tearing

Currently, all types of light tubes or ballasts do not solve the problem of glare. In fact, the glare of some table lamps may worsen because of the inappropriate material used for the shading screen

3M™ Polarizing Light reduces glare and provides effective illumination. In addition, with high frequency ballasts and safety features, you can be assured of optimal lighting for your reading purposes.

3M patented Polarizing Light Filter Technology is capable of solving this problem. The polarizing filter featured in the lamps allows only comfortable light to pass through and converts all bad light into comfortable light, thereby reducing the amount of glare reflected on reading surface.


Glare cannot be completely eliminated and it causes difficulties in reading.

Glare from book
Using ordinary desk lamps

Glare can be effectively blocked which makes reading more comfortable.

Glare from book
Using 3M™ Polarizing Light


How does 3M™ Polarizing Light Technology solve the problem of glare?

Glare from book

3M™ Polarizing Light Filter is the latest invention of light transmission reflective filter that not only allows comfortable light to pass through, but comforts all bad light into comfortable light. Light becomes illuminating, yet remains soothing and comfy, so that you can enjoy the greatest reading comfort under sufficient illumination.

Inner Light
Brighter Light

3M Patented DESR Super Reflective Film

Durable Enhanced Specular Reflector developed by 3M effectively enhances the performance and increases the brightness by 50%.

3M Exclusive Zero Ultraviolet Rays Polarizing Filter

3M Patented Polarizing Light Filter reduces glare by up to 80% and eliminates ultraviolet rays. Protection for your eyes and skin.

Choose 3M™ Polarizing Light Filter Technology to protect your eyes.