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BL5100 Learn More BL5100 The new BL5100 comes with a innovative polarizing filter that gives you a brighter and better light that none can compare.
LED1000 Learn More LED1000 The LED1000 is the World's first LED lamp with 3M™ Polarizing Light Technology. It combines the Benefits of 3M™ Polarizing Light Filter with LED Technology.
FL1000 Learn More FL1000 The FL1000 is a sleek design lamp that fits into a room of any size.
CR1000 Learn More CR1000 The CR1000 comes in stylish black or chic white (with silver Lining). Both CR models are fitted with 3M™ DESR reflectors which enhanced brightness.




"With my 3M Polarizing light, I have no worry for my children in protecting their eyes from glare. I believe short sightedness is 90% cause by studying & reading under poor lighting. But with 3M..."

Ang Chee Wei
Assistant Engineer
"We own 4qty 3M lamp because it is really more gentle on the eyes. The models with moveable arms are also great to aim light at where we want it, we have one floor lamp by the piano which swing..."

Nina Ng
"I'm a Special Education Therapist who teaches children with Autism. I bought the 3M lamp for my centre. It provides the ideal lighting condition for my clients. At Steady Steps centre, my..."

Nikki Tay
Special Education Therapist
"I bought the lamp for my son for when he's doing his homework. His previous lamp was bright and yet only directly under the light only. But then it was glaring. The 3M lamp now meets all my..."

May Ying Sandra Sie
"It was wonderful using the polarizing light from 3m.No more glare and I can read with ease.Thank you 3M."

lawrence Poon
Flight Crew
"Much brighter than normal lights. Glare is also reduced. Allows me the read more clearly. "

Materials Director
"Just right, not too glaring !"

Max Tssng
"Very beneficial. It is non glaring and won't cause teary eyes. Studying under the lamp will not result in sleepiness. Very good"

Saw Guat Chua
Music Teacher
"Bright without glare. Pleasant on the eyes. "

Guohao Tan
"The non-fickering light provide a constant light source for my children to do their study and homework, without straining their eyes"

Seow Hoe Tan
Supplier Manager
"Had been looking around the market for suitable study light. The decision to buy 3M polarizing light is a wise choice. It is not glaring and that makes it comfortable for the eyes. Another..."

Hak Jin Tan
IT Manager
"3M Polarizing Light has made reading at night so much more comfortable. The light is so gentle on the eyes that I become much more productive at night, and I no longer suffer the nausea that came..."

Hock Hin Seow
"It's has been great using the lamp - where my son would probably pick any comfortable corner in the house to read his favourite books, now my son loves to read his books at the table where we..."

Keng Seng Quek
"This Polarizing Light is very useful for my children as it does not glare and the brightness is just right."

Lim Yan Fong
Home Maker
"I bought the FL1000 as a reading lamp for my study desk. It saves desk space as it stands on the floor. I was pleased that it was easy to assemble and the stand is solidly made. The lighting is..."

May Ngoh Wong
stay-at-home mum
"The light has very little flickering which is suitable for my 4 years old son. I do not want him to wear glasses at young age."

Wee Kiat Lau
IT consultant
"As a student, studies takes priority. Hence, being able to study without straining my eyes not only allows me to do more revisions, but helps me feel more relax and not easily tired. With the 3M..."

Zhi Yi Trevor Wong
"Your 3M™ Polarizing Light is really good and easy to my eyes when come to reading and doing my paperwork. I'll recomend it to my friends. Bravo!"

Theam San Wong
House Agent
"I've always trusted in the quality of 3M products so it wasn't surprising that when I was looking for a table lamp for my elder daughter, I bought one from 3M without a second thought. The..."

Godfrey Ting
Development Manager
"The reading quality has improved with the polarizing light and glare reduced. My eyes are less easily tired."

Tee Wee Lee
"3M Polarizing Technology has filter the right amount of light for our kids and hence maintain the correct brightness for a healthy eyesight."

Ong Tian Hock
"It has been a very fantastic experience, owning two 3M polarising lights. They accompany me during the nights, either working on the desktop computer, or reading infront of the 3M polarising..."

Ng Hai Choo Cecilia
Regional Customer Support Manager
"The light is used by my eight year old Son for reading since he loves to read but it is important to us to ensure he is not straining his eyes by reading in poor light. The 3M polarizing light..."

Richard Potter
"Great lamp for the kids. I have three 3M Polarizing Lights for my three boys."

Chong Sim Lee
Trading Representatives
"In the past, I always had difficulties marking my students' assignments & typing was always a chore due to the reflection on my keyboard. With my new 3M Polarizing Lamp, reading is less taxing on..."

Lin WanTing Joli
"I love the light. Why? It is a soft white comparing to the flourescent light which is very very bright white. I think even though we need white light to do work, the very bright white lights are..."

"I can go on studying for hours without my eyes ever getting tired, thanks to 3M's polarizing light! The light is constant (non-flickering), stable, and evenly distributed (not too strong and..."

Yeo Wei Xin
"Having bought 2 of the polarizing lights for my kids they have been using it for study at night almost everyday."

Hwee Fang Bee
"The 3M™ Polarizing Light are very good, we use to be using other brand table lamp for myself or for family reading, the lighting are very good with no reflection at all for reading or doing some..."

Quah Boon Hin
"The lamp I got is wonderful. I use it to do dental lab work at home and it is really great.! I spend long hours working and my eyes hardly feel tired or any strain. I didn't regret buying this..."

Xiang Loong Loh
"I have 2 sets of table lamps, 1 of them is from 3M and the other is normal table lamp. I have tried out on my 3 kids and surprisely they all perfer 3M table lamp as they said the light is not very..."

Siew Ling Chua
Assist. Regional Accounting Mgr
"Good product. I like it."

Wee Han Peng
Project Engineer
"With the 3M Polarizing light, we are glad that my son can now study with any glare and helps him to concentrate better."

Boon Leong Chua
"I find the light to be less glaring."

Tak Wah Lo
Public Servant
"as per the advertisement, it is not glaring and thus studying makes it easier especially gotta study after a day at work!"

"Polarizing light is great because it helps me to see clearly without the glare to my eyes. I love it!"

Serena Truong
"The lamp is well designed with both clamp & desktop use. It is bright & illuminate well over the study table & most importantly, no glaring reflection from papers or books on the table"

Soo Siang Soon
Finance Manager
"I bought the polarizing light for my grandson and I am really glad that I did because the kids see better with it."

Edward Truong
"No more glaring nights!"

Admin Manager
"Before, I bought the 3M Polarizing light, i had to shift my son's study table a few times to optimise its position as we were using the ceiling light. Still, there were ocassions where lighting..."

Cheng Teck TAN
"My family especially my two children have benefited from the use of the polarizing lamp. It is a great companion for them. It really helps to prevent any eye discomfort or fatigue. Even for me, I..."

"My daughter doesn't complain about tired eyes since using the 3M™ Polarizing Light."

Gordon Chiam
Software Engineer
"Comfortable lighting. Reduce glare reflected on reading surface. Protect eyes from Glare. Reduce headache problem due to glare. Reliable, good quality and economical. Lifetime warranty for..."

Kim Foo Lam
Sales Manager
"The light is soothing and not glaring. No regrets buying it."

Bee Choo Tan
Accounts Assistant
"I like the 3M polarizing lights. They are good with the anti-glare and controlled temperature!"

Project Coordinator
"My daughter simply love it, she's no longer has to study in a room where it's either too dim or too bright. Now her eyes are well taken care of. I'm very happy with the 3M polarizing light."

Wee Han Peng
Project Engineer
"Great for the eyes ! No strain."

Evelyn Tan
Sr V-P
"The light from 3M polarising light is not only bright but also very pleasing!"

Rehana Begum
"My 8-year-old son is an avid reader and he reads everywhere, sometimes with poor lightings. He was recently diagnosed diagnosed with myopia. My wife and I decided to get a polarizing light for..."

Ian Seow
"The study desk is placed at a corner of the room. Though the room light is switched on, the light is usually not bright enough at the reading corner. With the use of 3M Polarizing Light, it..."

Mow Geok Lan Maggie
Admin Officer
"We find the light less glaring than the previous (conventional) table lamp."

Chia Boon Tan
Sales Manager
"There's no regrets choosing this product over the usual cheaper lighting solution in the market. Coz my eyes are everything to me and I won't think twice to leave it to the best caretaker..."

Kenneth Tong
Business Director
"Amazing experience for someone with Presbyopia like me....I had been having difficulty reading under normal lighting condition until I purchased and used 3M Polarizing Light. Since then, I have..."

TM Tan
"I bought 3M polarizing lights for my kids. They love to use them because they find the lighting just right for reading. The lights stand design is stylish and versatile. I will strongly recommend..."

"Not feeling so tired easily when reading books and my daughter/son enjoy using 3M table polarizing light as in their own word , they don't feel too hot after turned on for a while as compare to..."

"It has been a pleasant experience so far using the light. My daughter uses it daily when doing her homework. There is no strain at all for the eyes and I personally feel that she is able to focus..."

Senior Mgr
"I find the light very comfortable and I don't feel tired even after pretty long hours of reading. Before, I need to have interval every now and then."

Ivy Song
"FL19 provides our family with flexible solution from the study table to bedside reading light, which relieved our eyes of discomfort from light flicker and glare for more relaxed and prolonged..."

Raymond Lim
Quantity Surveyor
"The study lamp provides good lighting for my children when they are reading or writting. I personally prefer the TL 1000 than the CR 1000 although it cost more. The light covers a wider area...."

Lynn Leong

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The Asian Parent has reviewed the 3M™ Polarizing Light. Read it here.

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The world's first LED lamp with 3M™ Polarizing Technology. Ultra Energy Saving with Real Eye Protection! It has 7 adjustable brightness levels for your every need.

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Get additional 3 months more coverage when you register your warranty online now!

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