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HACCP International Certification

Certification by HACCP International means that our 3M Scotch-Brite™ hand pads are fit for purpose to be used for cleaning applications in all food processing, preparation and food handling facilities that operate in accordance with an HACCP-based Food Safety Program. So use Scotch-Brite™ hand pads for cleaner, faster and safer cleaning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HACCP?

HACCP is a process globally associated with food safety. HACCP (hassup) stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point. This process developed in the US in the 1960s during the US space program to keep food safe. It has now recognized and adopted around the world.

What are the Seven Principles of the HACCP Process?

1. Identify the hazards
2. Determine the critical control points
3. Establish critical limits
4. Establish a system to monitor control of the critical control points
5. Establish the corrective action
6. Establish procedures for verification
7. Establish a documentation system

Who is HACCP International?

HACCP International, headquartered in Sydney, Australia, provides certification to suppliers of products and services which display excellence in food safety and meet the needs of food business operating a HACCP based food safety program. HACCP International certification mark is internationally recognized as representing the highest standards in food safety.

What 3M products are certified by HACCP International?

A wide variety of ScotchBrite™ scouring pads and laminates are certified. These include:

  • ScotchBrite™ Medium Duty Scouring Pad 96 (and 9650);
  • ScotchBrite™ Medium Duty Scrub Sponge 74;
  • ScotchBrite™ Light Duty Scrubbing Pads (98, 9030, 63, 9488);
  • Heavy Duty Scouring Pads (86, 88, Power Pad 2000, Power Sponge 3000, Purple Scour Pad 2020 ); Scotch-Brite™ Griddle Polishing Pad 46;
  • Scotch Brite™ Light Cleaning Sponge 5001;
  • Scotch Brite™ Commercial Purple Grooved Laminate NS 2020 and Scotch-Brite™ Commercial Hi-Pro Laminate NS 2030.
For more details, contact your local 3M representative.

What does it mean to be certified by HACCP International?

Certification by HACCP International means that our ScotchBrite™ hand pads are “fit for purpose” to be used for cleaning applications in all food processing, preparation and food handling facilities that operate in accordance with an HACCP-based Food Safety Program.

What does HACCP International Certification mean to our customers?

According to HACCP International, it means assurance! Independently assessed products and services that carry the HACCP International mark are:

  • Well designed with "food safe" characteristics
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Safe - non toxic
  • Appropriate for use
  • Likely to reduce any form of contamination
  • Designed for a low consequence of error in use
  • Contributing to food safety in their use

Why did 3M seek HACCP International endorsement?

HACCP is a global process synonymous with food safety and hygiene. Food safety and hygiene are universal concerns in food service. By 3M having HACCP International certification, our customers have “peace of mind” 3M products are food safe and “fit for purpose” for their processes and that 3M is helping to protect our customer’s brand.

What other Organizations are Associated with HACCP International?

Clients of HACCP International include: ISS, Clorox, Compass Group, Ecolab, Quantas Catering, Heineken, Aldi (retail groceries), Deb Group (hand hygiene), Dyson Airblade, Kimberly Clark, Testo (equipment), Phillips (lighting/equipment).

Do any other hand pad providers have HACCP International certification?

To our understanding we are the ONLY nonwovens (hand pad) provider that has HACCP International certification.

What does the certification process entail?

HACCP International evaluates products and services which are submitted for certification using a risk based hazard analysis protocol based on the principles of HACCP as described in the Codex Alimentarius of the World Health Organization.

Is the Certification Process Rigorous?

Absolutely. “During the evaluation review, our food technologists examine the product material, design specifications, manufacture, toxicity characteristic, contamination risk, labeling, claims and its contribution to food safety,” states Bill Simos, Managing Director of HACCP Asia.

Aren’t all Hand Pads “food safe”?

Without accreditation from a globally recognized organization, there is no way to be sure.

Where can I get more information?