RelyX™ Fiber Post

Product Description

The stronger yet simpler solution for cementing a post.
More than a post alone, RelyX™ Fiber Post from 3M ESPE is a complete system, designed to make excellent clinical results easier to achieve.

Product Information

Why switch from metal to fiber posts?

Clinical research, noted in the graph below, verifies how much more similar the elasticity of RelyX™ Fiber Post is to human dentin than is the elasticity of metal and ceramic posts – which means a much lower risk of root fracture due to the "wedge effect." If endodontic retreatment is required, it’s reassuring to know RelyX Fiber Posts can be removed easily, without damaging the tooth.

RelyX Fiber Post
[Source: 3M internal data and Materials Sicence and Eginnering: An Introduction, 8th Ed., Wiley]

Why choose RelyX Fiber Posts?

Strong and long-lasting.
RelyX Fiber Post’s unique resin composition and equally dispersed parallel fibers lead to superior mechanical strength. The microporous surface allows for additional bond strength through microretentive effects.

The Fatigue Test proves it

The Fatigue Test proves it!
RelyX Fiber Post shows excellent fatigue resistance — the test was stopped after 5 million cycles with no RelyX fiber post failures.
[Source: 3M internal data and preliminary results of external in vitro study (M. Ferrari, University of Siena, Italy)]

Translucent and radiopaque.
The excellent light translucency of RelyX Fiber Post permits efficient light cure deep into the root canal. Its radiopacity is now among the highest of available glass fiber posts.

The RelyX™ Unicem system makes cementing a post faster, easier and more reliable.

The proven RelyX™ Unicem Cement Aplicap™ Capsule combined with its unique Elongation Tip is designed to reach into the root canal, so you can apply cement in the canal from bottom to top. For RelyX Unicem Clicker™ Dispenser users, try the Centrix™ AccuDose™ Disposable Tubes & Plugs. These two solutions greatly reduce the chance of air pockets and voids, resulting in outstandingly strong and virtually void-free post cementation. Convenience and reliability … without compromise.

These SEM images of a simulated root canal show the difference.

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