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Electrical Performance Advantages of Ultra-Thin Dielectric Materials Used for Power-Ground Cores in High Speed, Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards

By Joel Peiffer (3M Company), Bob Greenlee (Merix Corporation), Istvan Novak (Sun Microsystems)
Previously presented at IPC Expo 2003. Reprinted with permission.
(425 KB)
Embedded Passives Become Mainstream Technology

By Joel Peiffer (3M Company)
(3.85 MB)
Frequently Asked Questions for Original Equipment Manufacturers: Answers from SUN Microsystems, Inc.

By Valerie St.Cyr Istvan Novak, SUN Microsystems, Inc.
(650 KB)
Power-Bus Decoupling With Embedded Capacitance in Printed Circuit Board Design

By Minjia Xu, Todd H. Hubing, Juan Chen, Thomas P. Van Doren, James L. Drewniak, Richard E. DuBroff. Copyright © 2003 IEEE.
Reprinted from IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Vol. 45, No. 1, February 2003. *
(891 KB)
Processing Thin Core Capacitance Materials

By Bob Greenlee (Merix Corporation).
Previously presented at IPC Expo 2002. Reprinted with permission.
(250 KB)
Simulation and Design of Printed Circuit Boards Utilizing Novel Embedded Capacitance Material

By Yu Xuequan, Yan Hang, Zhang Gezi, Wang Haisan
(469 KB)
The History of Embedded Distributed Capacitance

By Joel S. Peiffer (3M Company) August 2004.
Reprinted with permission of Printed Circuit Design and Manufacture.
(288 KB)
Using Embedded Capacitance to Improve Electrical Performance, Eliminate Capacitances and Reduce Board Size in High Speed Digital and RF Appllications

By Joel S. Peiffer (3M Company)
Presented at the 2007 IPC Printed Circuits Expo, Apex and Designers Summit on Wed., Feb 21, 2007 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, California.
(899 KB)