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Protective Coatings for Handheld Devices and Displays

Easy clean and anti-smudge performance for electronic, electrical and other component surfaces

As handheld electronic devices are taken everywhere with us every day, dirt, grime, fingerprint oils and other contaminants make it a constant challenge to keep them clean.

3M™ Novec™ Electronic Grade Coatings are fast drying, easy-to-apply, protective surface modifiers that provide optimum cleaning performance for a broad range of applications and from a wide variety of surface contaminants. They provide

  • Excellent protection and repellency properties
  • Improved manufacturing efficiencies
  • Health and safety benefits
  • Environmental and sustainability benefits

These nonflammable surface modifiers offer you a reliable alternative to traditional conformal coatings – combining outstanding performance with easy application.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy clean – being hydrophobic, optimizes cleaning and anti-smudge performance
  • Excellent repellency – reduces the component surface energy, repelling moisture and many liquids
  • Smooth, low-friction tactile feel – fingers glide over the coating and creates a pleasurable user experience
  • Speed of application - air-dries in seconds, thermally cures quickly
  • Ease of application - can be applied via dip, spray*, brush or syringe dispensing
  • Sustainable – made with sustainable chemistries, they are non ozone-depleting, contain no volatile organic components and have low global warming potential
  • Health and safety – are nonflammable and low in toxicity

  • *Use of appropriate PPE or engineering controls recommended.
3M Novec Electronic Grade Coatings Product Selection Guide
Novec 1720
Where You Would Use It Displays, touch screens and other electronic devices, glass, steel, aluminum and ceramics
What It Does Easy clean and anti-smudge
Coating Thickness (dip coated) 50-10 nm
Dry Time 5-30 seconds
Cure Time 70-150°C; 15-60 minutes
Removability Permanent


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