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Number Type Question
Product What is the shelf life of 3M™ Labels?
Product How should I store my 3M™ Labels for best results?
Product Will 3M™ Labels work in a photocopier?
Product Are there removable 3M™ Labels?
Product Does 3M™ offer a label software program?
Template Are 3M™ Labels compatible with other manufacturers' templates?
Template How do I determine if a template is available for 3M™ Labels?
Template How do I download 3M™ Label Templates?
Template How do I use 3M™ Label Templates?
Template Why can't I find 3M™ Labels in my version of Microsoft® Word?
Template How can I view the 3M™ Labels Template layout?
Template How do I change the font type and size on my 3M™ Labels Template?
Template How do I insert a picture into my 3M™ Labels Template?
Template How do I resize a picture in my 3M™ Labels Template?
Printing Can I print a laser printer product with an inkjet printer?
Printing Can clear laser labels be printed with an inkjet printer?
Printing Can I print a few 3M™ Labels and save the label sheet for future printing?
Printing Why is my printer jamming when I try to print 3M™ Labels?
Printing Why is the ink on my 3M™ Labels smearing after it has been printed?
Printing Why won't 3M™ Label sheets load into my printer?
Printing What is the proper printer feed direction when using 3M™ Labels?

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