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Clinpro™ Sealant

Clinpro™ Sealant

See the difference in our color-change technology.


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See the Difference in Our Color-change Technology

Clinpro™ sealant goes on pink for easy-to-use application, and cures to a natural white. Applied with our convenient ultra-fine syringe tip, its low viscosity formula flows easily into pits and fissures.

Color-change Technology

Dental professionals prefer it over other sealants.
77% of respondents rated the overall performance of Clinpro sealant to be superior to their current sealant.

Performance rating
Performance Rating
Clinpro Sealant vs. Sealant Currently Used

Source: 3M ESPE Sealant Evaluation Summary Report,
The Market Solutions Group, Inc., February 2001.

To order
Contact your authorized 3M ESPE dental distributor.

Clinpro™ Sealant

  • Convenient direct delivery syringe for easy application
  • Color-change technology to visualize placement
  • Low viscosity to flow easily into pits and fissures
  • Contains and releases fluoride
  • Bonds to enamel

To order
Contact your authorized 3M ESPE dental distributor.

Simplified Sealant Technique with Adper™ Prompt™ Self-Etch Adhesive

Adper™ Prompt™ self-etch adhesive may be used instead of the acid etch technique when placing Clinpro sealant. Preparation: Thoroughly clean teeth to remove plaque and debris from enamel surfaces and fissures. Rinse thoroughly with water and dry. Note: Do not use any cleaning medium that contains oils or fluoride. Prepare adhesive according to dispensing instructions.

Step 1 1. Brush adhesive onto surface to be sealed; scrub for 15 seconds applying moderate pressure. Do not shorten this time. Proper bonding will not occur if the solution is simply applied and dispersed.
Step 2 2. Use a gentle stream of air to thoroughly dry the adhesive to a thin film. A second layer is not required for bonding sealants.
Step 3 3. Apply a light-cured sealant. (Note: Adper Prompt self-etch adhesive is not indicated for self-cure sealants.)
Step 4 4. Light-cure the sealant and adhesive together with a halogen, LED or plasma light for the amount of time specified to cure the sealant.

To order
Contact your authorized 3M ESPE dental distributor.

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